C/O Futures, LLC provides research and analytical consulting services divided between five client service areas. These areas pertain to Threat Groups, Technology, Concepts, Narratives, and Epochal Change. An overview of client service areas and corporate (i.e. principal and associate) subject matter expertise related to them—as well as selected niche specialization and competencies—are as follows: 

Threat Groups

Spans violent (and potentially violent) non-state actors (VNSA) through plutocratic (extra-sovereign) interests into revisionist and belligerent authoritarian states.


Concerns processes, perceptions, theories, programs, and operations focusing on and influenced by threat groups, response forces, and technology utilization.

Epochal Change

Focuses on the modern to post-modern shift in global civilization challenging liberal-democratic values.


Comprises threat group technology use and military, police, and private security response utilization of technologies.


Pertains to constructed realities and cultural norms held by non-secular threat group members and their organizations, as well as secular authoritarian ideologies.

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