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Research and analysis related to the Narratives service area pertains to constructed realities and cultural norms held by non-secular threat group members and their organizations, as well as secular authoritarian ideologies, that are in variance to liberal-democratic values. C/O Futures, LLC principals and associates have extensive professional experience related to narratives analysis. This service area includes the following functional groupings:

  • Radical Islamist Culture —  Salafi-jihadist and Shia extremist values and world views that may include ritual killing and self-sacrificial (cult of the martyr) elements.

  • White Nationalism and Neo-Nazi Culture — far right extremist and hate groups espousing racial purity, white supremacy, and governmental and ethnic conspiracy theories; can manifest fringe Christian, Satanic, or pagan (Odinist) spiritual forms. 


  • Violent Leftist & Anarchist Culture — neo-Marxist, naturalistic, and nihilistic ideologies in violent opposition to liberal-democracy and capitalism.  

  • Narco and Mara Cultura — Latin American derived cartel and gang culture steeped in violence, brutality, and illicit activities. 

  • Dark Spirituality & Occultism— forms of dark (human sacrificial and death magic linked) spirituality and occultism found predominately, but not exclusively, with some cartel and gang members and their larger groups.  

  • Deradicalizaton Narratives — approaches and programs to deradicalize VNSA members and promote liberal-democratic norms.

  • Authoritarian Narratives Undermining Liberal-Democratic States — primarily foreign (Russian and Chinese) social media based propaganda and information operations targeting liberal-democratic institutions and values for societal disruption and authoritarian shaping purposes.  

  • Epochal Narrative Change — liberal-democratic narratives protection and furtherance strategies and programs as a component of post-modern civilizational conflict.  

Our principals and associates also possess niche specializations and competencies related to these functional groupings. For instance, in depth work has been conducted on Salafi-jihadist English-language online magazines produced by Al Qaeda, the Islamic State, and related entities, Mexican cartel spirituality, MS-13 and to a lesser extent 18th Street (Barrio 18) spirituality, and cartel  and gang culture (narco and mara cultura). Research products include the following ‘for public distribution’ examples:

Research and analytical products provided by C/O Futures, LLC can range from research notes and essays through larger monographs, customized studies, threat analysis and projections, and book length publications and anthologies. Additionally, response and mitigation guidance, as well as opposing threat group programs and doctrinal and policy support, can be supplied. Derived from professional and research network reach back, C/O Futures, LLC also has scalability in its associates base and can draw upon additional subject matter expertise as required for specialized project taskings and contracts.

As part of the C/O Futures, LLC mission statement and operating mandate, our consulting services will only be provided to public and private entities adhering to the furtherance and protection of liberal-democratic values and institutions.

*Some authors not affiliated with C/O Futures, LLC.

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