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Research and analysis related to the Epochal Change service area focuses on the modern to post-modern shift in global civilization challenging liberal-democratic values. C/O Futures, LLC principals and associates have extensive professional experience related to epochal change construct development. This service area includes the following functional analytical groupings:

  • Blurring of Crime and War —  the large scale return of VNSA, proxies, and mercenaries to the battlefield is resulting in pre-Westphalian forms of private war and conflict breaking out en masse

  • Public Institutions and Narratives Deconstruction – epochal transitions witness dominant state form institutional, ideological, and narratives deconstruction and the increasing privatization of public goods and services.

Spectacular skyline of a big modern city

Epochal Change

  • Illicit and Sovereign Free Economies — the formal (licit and taxable) economy becomes compressed by the illicit and sovereign free economies, with increasing profits being realized on the margins and sovereign states suffering a crisis of public funding.

  • Failed States and New (Warmaking) Forms — dominant state form failure and the rise of new warmaking (challenger) entities takes place.

  • Social (Class) Reorganization — as the military and economic utility of the Western middle class erodes, new forms of social organization will emerge which may result in extreme wealth polarization.

  • Military (and Policing) Futures — qualitatively new forms of state coercive institutions will be required for advanced society.  

  • Civilizational Conflict and Liberal-Democratic Repositioning — as modern and post-modern civilizational values clash, liberal-democratic institutions will require repositioning during the global war over social and political organization taking place.  

Our principals and associates also possess niche specializations and competencies related to these functional groupings. For instance, in depth work has been conducted on the thinning of the middle class in the US and the UK, the compression of the formal economy due to the rise of the illicit and sovereign free economies, and the emergence of new forms of war and conflict as components of epochal change. Research products include the following ‘for public distribution’ examples:

Research and analytical products provided by C/O Futures, LLC can range from research notes and essays through larger monographs, customized studies, threat analysis and projections, and book length publications and anthologies. Additionally, response and mitigation guidance, as well as opposing threat group programs and doctrinal and policy support,  can be supplied. Derived from professional and research network reach back, C/O Futures, LLC also has scalability in its associates base and can draw upon additional subject matter expertise as required for specialized project taskings and contracts.

As part of the C/O Futures, LLC mission statement and operating mandate, our consulting services will only be provided to public and private entities adhering to the furtherance and protection of liberal-democratic values and institutions.

*Some authors not affiliated with C/O Futures, LLC.

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