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Research and analysis related to the Threat Groups service area spans violent (and potentially violent) non-state actors (VNSA) through plutocratic (extra-sovereign) interests into revisionist and belligerent authoritarian states. C/O Futures, LLC principals and associates, have extensive professional experience related to threat group analysis. This service area is divided into the following functional groupings:

  • Gangs — street, prison, and motorcycle gangs, including MS-13, 18th Street, Mexican Mafia, Nuestra Familia, and Primeiro Comando da Capital. 

  • Radicals, Extremists, and Militias —boogaloo, white nationalistic, hate, and sovereign citizen through antifa, anarchist, environmental, and single-issue groups.

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Threat Groups

  • Cartels and Organized Crime — Mexican and other Latin American cartels, criminal groups, and BARCRIM (bandas criminales).

  • Terrorists — spanning the spectrum from legacy Marxist inspired though Salafi-jihadist and neo-Nazi groups.

  • Insurgents — groups such as Al Qaeda, the Islamic State, the FARC, ELN, along with various Mexican cartels utilizing coercion and corruption to create parallel governmental structures (premeditated and de facto) for impunity and territorial control purposes. 

  • Mercenaries — for profit military entities serving illicit, plutocratic, and authoritarian interests such as Los Zetas (initially), the Wagner Group, and Frontier Resource Group.

  • Plutocratic Interests — ultra-wealthy family dynasties and networks defunding public goods and services and undermining middle-class social structure integrity.

  • Authoritarian States — sovereign states promoting anti-liberal-democratic ideologies and policies, such as Iran, Syria, North Korea, Russia, and China.


Our principals and associates also possess niche specializations and competencies related to these functional groupings. For instance, in depth work has been conducted on MS-13, various Mexican cartels (Los Zetas, Los Caballeros Templarios, et. al), the Islamic State, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Iran, and China. Research products include the following ‘for public distribution’ examples:

Research and analytical products provided by C/O Futures, LLC can range from research notes and essays through larger monographs, customized studies, threat analysis and projections, and book length publications and anthologies. Additionally, response and mitigation guidance, as well as counter threat group programs and doctrinal and policy support,  can be supplied. Derived from professional and research network reach back, C/O Futures, LLC also has scalability in its associates base and can draw upon additional subject matter expertise as required for specialized project taskings and contracts.

As part of the C/O Futures, LLC mission statement and operating mandate, our consulting services will only be provided to public and private entities adhering to the furtherance and protection of liberal-democratic values and institutions.

*Some authors not affiliated with C/O Futures, LLC.

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