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Research and analysis related to the Technology service area comprises threat group technology use and military, police, and private security response utilization of technologies. C/O Futures, LLC principals and associates have on-going professional experience related to technology  and weaponry analysis. This service area includes the following functional groupings:

  • Small Arms –  civilian and improvised firearms, infantry assault weapons, sniper rifles, and ammunition (including tubular).

  • Explosive Devices/IEDs/VBIEDs – threat group use of military, commercial, and improvised explosives, as well as military and improvised explosive devices for anti-personnel and anti-infrastructure targeting and disruptive effects (e.g. terrorism).

Drones battle over the city at night tim


  • Weaponized Drones & Robots – teleoperated, semi-autonomous, and autonomous weapons systems utilized by Salafi-jihadist and Shia groups and the Mexican cartels as well as such systems operated by friendly forces.

  • Unconventional & Less Lethal Weaponry – a wide range of technologies ranging from caltrops through kinetic impact, obscurants, entanglers, flashing lights, chemicals, et. al.

  • Stand Off Weaponry – rocket propelled grenades (RPGs), rockets, mortars, and man portable air defense systems (MANPADs). 

  • Improvised AFVs/Vessels – related to Mexican cartel and Colombian/Latin American designs, respectively. 

  • Directed Energy Weapons – threat and allied utilization of low energy (counter-optical) lasers, radio frequency devices, high powered microwave devices (HPM), et. al.

  • AI & Advanced Technologies – artificial intelligence (AI), augmented and virtual reality, social networking platforms, see-through object sensing, et. al.

Our principals and associates also possess niche specializations and competencies related to these functional groupings. For instance, in depth work has been conducted on car bombings in Iraq and Mexico, the Los Zetas radio C2 system, chemical weapons use by the Assad regime and the Islamic State in Iraq, Salafi-jihadist weaponized drones, armed robotic systems trends, and the development of body cavity (internal) bombs directed at high value targets. Research products include the following ‘for public distribution’ examples:

Research and analytical products provided by C/O Futures, LLC can range from research notes and essays through larger monographs, customized studies, threat analysis and projections, and book length publications and anthologies. Additionally, response and mitigation guidance, as well as threat group technology use countermeasures and doctrinal and policy support,  can be supplied. Derived from professional and research network reach back, C/O Futures, LLC also has scalability in its associates base and can draw upon additional subject matter expertise as required for specialized project taskings and contracts.

As part of the C/O Futures, LLC mission statement and operating mandate, our consulting services will only be provided to public and private entities adhering to the furtherance and protection of liberal-democratic values and institutions.

*Some authors not affiliated with C/O Futures, LLC.

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