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C/O Futures, LLC is a small business [Calif SB(Micro) ID: 2021380], located near to the renowned Claremont Colleges consortium, providing specialized research and analytical consulting and training services that facilitate client knowledge solutions for addressing future socio-political and operational environment shaping and response.

Our corporate mission is to further and protect liberal-democratic values and institutions—both public and private—in the face of the disruptive systemic level change taking place during the transition from the modern to post-modern epochs of human civilization.

Our consulting services range from the tactical through the grand strategic levels of interactions. One major focus of these services pertains to the broadening spectrum of threat groups—ranging from more evolved forms of gangs through authoritarian regimes with increased global capacity—now actively challenging liberal-democratic governance both domestically and abroad. Other service areas concern technology and concepts, both individually and interactively. Residing at the tactical and operational levels, these areas seek to characterize generic and specific threat group utilization of technology (and the concepts supporting such use) as well as the novel use of standalone concepts and to develop countermeasures and defensive response protocols against them. Our services also facilitate capitalizing on advanced technology & concepts for policy and operational overmatch purposes.


Another client service area pertains to narratives vis-a-vis both constructed realities and cultural norms related to threat groups and the response for deradicalization and counter-narrative purposes. A final service area concerns the process and effects of epochal change pertaining to the national strategic through civilizational levels of global activities and interactions. All C/O Futures, LLC research is influenced through the lens of the epochal change construct developed in the later 1980s (by one of its principals) in order to preserve liberal-democratic values and institutions through the global civilizational transition period underway.     

Highlighted Research
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