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Weaponized Drone Threats Training Delivered to Law Enforcement and Corrections in Columbus, Ohio

On 13 April 2023 the 8 hour Weaponized Drone Threats: Extremist, Terrorist, and Cartel Overview & Response training was delivered to forty law enforcement and corrections officers in Columbus, Ohio at the Ohio Department of Public Safety facility. Sponsoring agencies were the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Ohio Homeland Security, Statewide Terrorism Analysis & Crime Center (STACC), and Ohio Fusion Center Network/ Intelligence Liaison Officer (ILO). The training was provided by a C/O Futures mobile training team consisting of LtCol Matt Begert (US Marine Corps), Retired and Dr. Robert J. Bunker. This proactive training provides US law enforcement with threat awareness concerning weaponized drones used by extremists, terrorists, and the cartels and better positions public safety agencies with mitigation, officer safety, and response strategies to help counter it.


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