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Tubular Projectiles (Ring Airfoils)

Tubular Projectiles (Ring Airfoils) C/O Futures Less-Lethal and Unconventional Weapons Encyclopedia

Robert J. Bunker 29 December 2021 Updated (Original Entry [Not Released]: Counter-OPFOR Corporation, June 2006)

Tubular projectiles represent a transitional technology between that of standard bullets and directed energy weapons, even though some of the earliest such projectiles date back 150 years. These projectiles, being airfoils, possess a near straight line trajectory and increased muzzle velocity characteristics which result in increased engagement ranges and shorter times of flight. When used as hyper-lethal weapons these projectiles have a higher probability of entering targets (with less chance of ricochet), have superior penetration capability, and create devastating wounds (basically circular core holes).

Tublr Projectiles-CO Futures 2021
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