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The Archimedes Project: Protestor Use of Mirrors at the G8 Meeting in Genoa, Italy on 20 July 2001

C/O Futures Less-Lethal and Unconventional Weapons Encyclopedia

Pamela Ligouri Bunker and Robert J. Bunker

23 February 2022 Updated (Original Entry [Not Released]: Counter-OPFOR Corporation, June 2006)

Anti-capitalist protestors at the G8 meeting in Genoa, Italy on 20 July 2001 utilized the sun reflected off of mirrors against law enforcement, military and delegate targets of opportunity. This tactic was termed the ‘Archimedes Project’ and was conceptually based on a technique used by the Greek mathematician Archimedes who defended Syracuse in 212 BC against the Roman fleet. Archimedes was said to be able to focus the rays of the sun off of a hexagonal mirror mounted on the city wall thereby setting fire to the Roman warships that lay at anchor...

Archimedes Project CO Futures, LLC
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