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Soldier of Allah (SOA)-Jihadi: Domestic Terrorist Weaponry & Battle Tactics Training

On 4 December 2023 the pilot 8-hour training course Soldier of Allah (SOA)-Jihadi: Domestic Terrorist Weaponry & Battle Tactics was delivered at the Los Angeles High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (LA HIDTA) facility to Southern California and out of state US law enforcement officers.

The training was provided by LtCol Matt Begert, USMC (Ret), director of counter-terrorism training & red teaming, and Dr. Robert J. Bunker, director of research & analysis, C/O Futures, LLC. Both of the trainers have decades of SOA/jihadi related counter-terrorism research and domestic response related activities experience. The audio-visual component of the training was supported by Kaden Bunker, director of marketing and business development, C/O Futures, LLC.

The training course will again be offered at the LA HIDTA facility on 4 April 2024 to US Police/Law Enforcement/DHS/NG/MIL/US INTEL personnel. The C/O Futures mobile training team can also fly out to host venues for agency and/or operational area specific training needs. Contact Doc Bunker via


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