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Santa Muerte Shrine Found in Gang Member Residence with Narcotics and Firearms in San Antonio, Texas

C/O Futures Dark Spirituality Imagery Archive Robert J. Bunker 3 March 2023

A Santa Muerte shrine was found in a house where Robert Salas, a documented gang member, was residing. Along with the shrine, eleven firearms (five of which were confirmed as stolen) and various amounts of illicit narcotics were also recovered. The digital scales and packaging—found in addition to the illicit narcotics—indicate that the house was being used for narctoics sales purposes. Salaz has gang tattoos on his head and neck signifying his dedication to the gangster life style. The Santa Muerte shrine was used to offer petitions for protection against arrest and to ensure success (and prosperity) related to the drug sales taking place. Gold skulls/plates and other items dominated the shrine area.

Santa Muerte Shrine Bexar County
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