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Ritual Abuse (Torture) and Sacrificial Killings within an Epochal Context

Statement for the Record to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Subcommittee on Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations

For the Hearing Taking Place 10:00 AM in 2200 RHOB on 19 September 2023 Efforts to Address Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice in Africa Submitted on 17 September 2023 by Dr. Robert J. Bunker Director of Research and Analysis, C/O Futures, LLC The statement will follow a question-and-answer format with the questions generated by Mary Vigil, Subcommittee Staff Director. I would like to thank her for reaching out to me on these important national/homeland and international security subjects and incorporating my expertise in support of the hearings being conducted related to them. While it includes some of these activities as taking place in Africa, it is meant to be a more far-ranging testimony with both a domestic United States and global focus on these horrifying crimes and the epochal context in which they are taking place.

15 page statement

Statement for the Record Dr. Robert J. Bunker
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