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Recent Events: Matt Begert Guest Lectures at California State University San Bernardino

On 2 November 2022 Matt Begert, director of counter-terrorism training and red teaming for C/O Futures, LLC, guest lectured in a criminal justice seminar on terrorism. His lectures were on "Terrorist Attack Profile: The Momentum of Relative Superiority" and "The Value of Red Teaming." These lectures incorporated the writings of Col. John Boyd (OODA Loops) and Adm. William H. McRaven (Special Ops) and also Begert's past experiences as a Mirror Image "Terrorist Training Camp" instructor. Mirror Image was a program offered by the Terrorism Research Center (TRC) that provided physical red teaming training to US LE, MIL, and GOV personnel. His lectures provided the criminal justice students in the terrorism seminar a glimpse into real world (applied) terrorism operations and counter-terrorism activities.


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