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Recent Events: Dr. John P. Sullivan Guest Lectures at California State University San Bernardino

On 9 November 2022, Dr. John P. Sullivan, an associate with C/O Futures, LLC, guest lectured in a criminal justice seminar on terrorism. His multi-hour lecture was on "Terrorism Early Warning." The well received lecture provided information on Emerging Threats, Future Conflict, Post Modern Terrorism, TEW 'Elements,' Net Assessment Cells, TEW Processes and Organization, Intelligence Preparation for Operations (IPO), the Transaction Analysis Model and Analysis Cycle, and related subject matter. His lecture provided the criminal justice students in the terrorism seminar a glimpse into a cutting edge real world (applied) counter-terrorism program initially developed in Los Angeles county in the mid-1990s. The TEW concept later expanded nationally and went on to heavily influence the DHS fusion centers that were later established across the United States post-9/11.

A link to a document discussing the history of the LA TEW, John P. Sullivan and Alain Bauer, Eds., Terrorism Early Warning: 10 Years of Achievement Fighting Terrorism and Crime. LASD, Oct 2008, has been provided below:

The Intelligence Preparation for Operations (IPO) diagram found on page 149 of that book utilized by Dr. Sullivan in his seminar guest lecture follows:

The All Source - All Phase Fusion process provided represents the most advanced networked counter-terrorism capability ever developed for urban megacity security and pro-active defense positioning.


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