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Rare Tracked Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) Improvised Armored Fighting Vehicle (IAFV)

C/O Futures Cartel Imagery Archive

Robert J. Bunker

4 March 2024

Mexican cartel improvised armored fighting vehicles (IAFVs)—CJNG or otherwise—are predominately based on wheeled chassis belonging to basic cars and pickups, SUVs, through larger commercial vehicles such as dump trucks. Tracked IAFVs, such as those based on tractor chassis, are very rare. This 1-minute post-engagement cartel video (likely from Cárteles Unidos Noreste en Michoacán) from early January 2024 provides imagery of such a vehicle that has been disabled in what appears to be an ambush. It is purported to belong to the CJNG along with two other disabled IAFVs. The advantages of a tracked IAFV would be better off road mobility and making it more difficult to engage in a mobility kill against it—tracks are harder to disabled than tires which can be deflated via fires and tire puncturing devices such as caltrops and spike strips. A tracked IAFV would also have better assault capability (climbing and crushing) against fortified positions and can overcome anti-IAFV trenches which have been appearing over the last four years in Mexico in the defense of small towns and villages against CJNG commando units.[1] Disadvantages are slower tactical speeds, limited operational endurance, and greater maintenance needs and fuel consumption requirements.

Rare CJNG Tracked Improvised Armored Fighting Vehicle
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