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Petty Drug Dealer Santa Muerte Altar in El Salvador

C/O Futures Dark Spirituality Imagery Archive Robert J. Bunker 7 August 2022

An individual, Elmer Antonio Salazar, was arrested by personnel of the 1st Air Brigade (Personal de la 1ra. Brigada Aérea) of the Armed Forces of El Salvador (FAES; Fuerza Armada de El Salvador) for selling illicit drugs. He had $270.00 cash on him from his drug proceeds—assumed to be via marijuana sales. While trying to escape from authorities, he ran into a house containing a Satanic altar (altar diabólico / altar satánico ) which, in actuality is a personal Santa Muerte altar. He was subsequently turned over to the National Civil Police (PNC; Policía Nacional Civil) as he began the booking and criminal justice arraignment process.

Santa Muerte Altar El Salvador Bunker
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