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Parameters Bookshelf Book Review: Old & New Battlespaces

Book Review by Dr. Robert J. Bunker, Director of Research & Analysis, C/O Futures, LLC.

Published at Parameters Bookshelf

7 April 2023

Dr. Bunker is on the Parameters Editorial Board and a Past Minerva Chair, United States Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute (USAWC SSI). He has engaged extensively in 5th dimensional (space-time warping; operational space) analysis & publication.

Old & New Battlespaces represents more than two decades of thinking, reflection, and analysis by Jahara Matisek and Buddhika Jayamaha, professors affiliated with the US Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs. Matisek serves as an associate professor of military and strategic studies and the research director of the Strategy Warfare Center, and Jayamaha serves as an assistant professor of military and strategic studies. Matisek and Jayamaha have military backgrounds with the US Air Force (currently serving) and US Army, respectively, which provide them with the experiential context to integrate theory with real-world operations"

Old & New Battlespaces Dr. Bunker
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