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Mexican Cartel Weaponized Drone Training Provided to CIAC TLOs in Arvada, Colorado

On 3 May 2023 Dr. Robert J. Bunker, C/O Futures Director of Research & Analysis, provided a module of training on a case study of Mexican Cartel Weaponized Drone patterns of use and trending to the attendees at the 2023 TLO (Terrorism Liaison Officer) conference in Arvada, Colorado. The training conference was hosted by the Colorado Information Analysis Center (CIAC), Department of Public Safety, with 275 TLOs attending the training module. The module is a component of the larger 8 hour Weaponized Drone Threats training course being provided nationally across the the United States by a C/O Futures mobile training team. The training is being provided to US law enforcement, corrections, national guard, and other public safety and homeland security agencies and entities to proactively train them in preparation for the increasing threat of weaponized drone use taking place domestically within the United States.


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