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Matt Begert & Dr. Robert J. Bunker Participate in UNCTED Consultation on UAS Guiding Principles

Matt Begert, Associate, C/O Futures, LLC and Dr. Robert J. Bunker, Director of Research & Analysis, C/O Futures, LLC participated in a "Consultation on UAS Guiding Principles" for the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (UNCTED), New York, on 6 April 2023 (Virtual Consultation). For more on this Directorate see:

In accordance with the Delhi Declaration, which was adopted by the Counter-Terrorism Committee in October 2022, on countering the use of new and emerging technologies for terrorist purposes, UNCTED is currently developing a set of non-binding guiding principles on the “Threats Posted by Misuse of Unmanned Aerial Systems by Terrorists." The virtual consultation involved over forty participants and involved C/O Futures representatives due to their expertise in non-state threat force use of weaponized drones (UAS) and mitigation and response protocols (C-UAS).

Note: Matt Begert (Blue Team) and Dr. Robert J. Bunker (Red Team) are involved in C/O Futures' national mobile training efforts pertaining to "Weaponized Drone Threats: Extremist, Terrorist, and Cartel Overview & Response." For more information on this 8 hour training for US LE/MIL-Guard/INTEL agencies see:


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