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Jacksonville White Supremacist Shooting: Lone Actor Mass Murder and Federal Hate Crime

C/O Futures Terrorism Research Note Series Lisa J. Campbell 20 September 2023

On 26 August 2023, a 21-year-old identified as Ryan Christopher Palmeter drove to a Dollar General store in Jacksonville, Florida and killed three black individuals before killing himself. Palmeter acted alone and left behind several manifestos that reportedly reveal his white supremacist leanings and hatred of black people. Information released by law enforcement indicate he was a lone operator who, in his writings, described as bizarre and mostly incomprehensible, indicated his hope for a race war. The writings also reportedly contained praise for Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma City bomber), Anders Breivik (Norwegian summer camp shooter), and Seung Hui Cho (Virginia Tech school shooter).

Jacksonville Shooting Note Campbell CO Futures LLC
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