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Islamic State 3D Printed Weaponized Drone Plot in Coventry, UK

C/O Futures Terrorism Research Note Series Robert J. Bunker 1 October 2023

Mohamad Al-Bared, a PhD engineering student from Coventry, England, UK, was convicted for his role in a 3D printed weaponized drone plot in support of Islamic State operations. His intent was to smuggle the drone into Africa via Turkey and arm it with either an explosive charge, a chemical weapon, or possibly even a toxin. The drone may have represented a prototype which Al-Bared thought other weaponized Islamic State drones fielded in Africa could be modeled upon. He was leading a double life as a ‘mild-mannered academic’[1] while at the same time had been radicalized to the point he was watching online Jihadi beheading videos and was in regular contact with Islamic State operatives via encrypted chats.

3D ISIS Drone UK CO Futures Terrorism
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