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Drug Gang’s Blessed Weapons on Santa Muerte Altar in Buenos Aires, Argentina

C/O Futures Dark Spirituality Imagery Archive Robert J. Bunker 19 July 2022

The altar, which belongs to the “Los de la Cali” gang, was discovered in Zavaleta, Barracas, Buenos Aires, Argentina on 14 July 2022. Alcohol offerings were made to Santa Muerte in order to petition for the blessing of the drug gang’s weapons. During the police raid, “marijuana, cocaine, cash, cutting elements, precision scales, and cell phones” [Spanish translation] were also seized. The altar has a criminal orientation, derived from the gang’s dealings and weapons placed upon it, but is relatively benign given the flowers in the vase, overall color scheme, and the wording of the banner above it...

Blessed Weapons on Santa Muerte Altar in Brazil
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