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Dr. Sullivan and Dr. Bunker Lecture at Safe Communities Institute at USC on Mexican Cartels & Gangs

On 16 November 2023, Dr. John P. Sullivan, C/O Futures Associate, and Dr. Robert J. Bunker, C/O Futures Director of Research & Analysis, lectured to the Sol Price School of Public Policy, Safe Communities Institute (SCI) at the University of Southern California (USC). They lectured for four hours to students in the Public Safety Leadership Certificate Program (PSLP) on Mexican cartels and gangs. Subjects addressed included an overview of the cartel situation in Mexico, criminal armed groups, criminal insurgency, third generation gangs, threats to sovereignty, cartel and gang spirituality/narcos saints, and cartel weaponized drone utilization.

Dr. Sullivan and Dr. Bunker have been reseaching, publishing, and providing lectures and training on Mexican cartels and gangs for decades to academic, policing/law enforcement, military, and related US governmental audiences. Published works include:


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