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Dr. Robert J. Bunker interviewed in depth by Federal Newswire Report on the Mexican Drug Cartels

How do you assess the evolving nature of Mexican drug cartels in terms of their organization, operations, and adaptability?

We have multiple levels of players: The two global reach cartels, Sinaloa/CDS and Jalisco/CJNG; the middle/smaller range cartels; and then cartel fragments, like Gulf & Zetas drug gangs.

Cartels rise and fall over time, though CDS has had the best longevity and cohesion over time, with CJNG the more recent rising star.

The constant factor since the 1990s is that the cartels have been fielding more capable operational forces—though the dismantlement of Los Zetas set this process back a bit. They had their own narco radio network for C2.


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