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Dr. Robert J. Bunker attends UNICEF Roundtable on Children Involved in Organized Violence, Florence

On 3-4 April 2023 Dr. Robert J. Bunker, C/O Futures, LLC, Director of Research & Analysis, attended the UNICEF Innocenti (Global Office of Research and Foresight) Roundtable on Children Involved in Organized Violence, in Florence, Italy. The event consisted of 25 participants representing UNICEF staff and international subject matter experts (SMEs). Dr. Bunker's contribution to the roundtable included providing insights into the epochal shift presently taking place in the international security environment (from the Modern to the Post-Modern epoch) and how to influence the behavior of violent organizations. The workshop operated under Chatham House Rule and will in the future produce a discussion paper that will be released by UNICEF Innocenti. For more information on this UN activity see:


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