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Dr. Bunker Speaks at NATO PfPC Conference at the National Defense University

In August 2022 Dr. Robert J. Bunker, Director of Research & Analysis, C/O Futures, LLC, spoke at a NATO PfPC conference at the National Defense University, Washington, DC. His short panel talk was on "Countering Weaponized AI Drone Swarms" which discussed symmetrical and asymmetrical countering strategies and 5th dimensional space-time (quantum computing, directed energy, et al.) solution sets.

NATO PfPC efforts include the ESC Working Group:

The Emerging Security Challenges (ESC) Working Group aims to enhance the capacity of decision makers and policy shapers to identify and respond to emerging international security challenges. Specifically, its goal is to identify and prioritize such international security challenges and discuss possible political frameworks and mechanisms to address them. “Emerging Security Challenges” has become a term used at NATO and in public debate to deal with potential, upcoming, non-traditional threats to our international security. The working group does not have a defined set of issues for analysis - rather, it remains open to include new challenges as they arise.

It is expected that the PfPC will in the future release information related to this event in its "In the News" website section [] or in related public information venues.


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