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LtCol. Begert (USMC Ret) and Dr. Bunker Provided Weaponized Drone Threats Training to LE at LA HIDTA

On 19 October 2023 LtCol Matt Begert (USMC Ret), director of counter-terrorism training and red teaming, for C/O Futures, LLC and Dr. Robert J. Bunker, director of research and analysis and a managing partner of C/O Futures, LLC, provided 8 hours of training to law enforcement officers at the Los Angeles HIDTA Training Center on "Weaponized Drone Threats: Extremist, Terrorist, and Cartel Threat Overview and Response." The training was also supported by Kaden K. Bunker, director of marketing and business development for C/O Futures, LLC, who provided IT/AV management.

The Weaponized Drone Threats course provides a proactive training block for LE/DHS/NG/MIL/INTEL agencies and groups which is offered in person nationally across the United States by our mobile training team. The training has been offered since 2022 and is cutting edge in nature. It is provided by subject matter experts in the field with experience going back to 2014 concerning UAS threats tracking/characterization and CUAS.

Recent course endorsements by law enforcement taking the LA HIDTA training rotation:

"If you believe drone threats are real, this a class you won't want to miss."

Lucius Khoo, CBP/DHS

"Great training, would highly recommend to all LE."

Mauro Morales, LAPD

"Great course to fundamentally understand and be aware of drone threats internationally and domestically."

M. Marquez, Torrance PD

LtCol Matt Begert (USMC Ret) starting a deep dive into LE officer response to Weaponized Drone Threats

The 8 hour training block will again be offered at the LA HIDTA Training Center on 3 April 2024:


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