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Improvised Anti-Vehicle Mine (IAVM) I&W in Mexico

Robert J. Bunker. C/O Futures Cartel Research Note Series.14 October 2021:

Two I&W (Indications & Warnings) incidents have now taken place, the first from January 2021 and the second from October 2021, which suggest cartel TTP (Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures) evolution towards improvised anti-vehicle mine (IAVM) development. For years now, the warring cartels of Mexico have deployed IAFVs (Improvised Armored Fighting Vehicles) against one another, local autodefensas (self-defenders; town militia), and the public security forces fielded by both military and law enforcement agencies. As the technology behind and utilization of IAFVs have become more sophisticated, so have the weaponry and related countermeasures directed at them. As a result, the emergence of cartel IAVMs is an expected evolutionary development.

Improvised Anti-Vehicle Mine I&W in Mexico
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